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Murano Glass Vase Gaia 11” – Shades of Blue

  • $ 72000

The Gaia Shades of Blue Murano glass vase showcases a stunning display of varying shades of blue, from deep cobalt to the lightest Artic blue.

The vase is handcrafted using the sommerso and bollincine technique (submerging various colors together and adding “suspended” bubbles).

The true beauty of the depth and dimension of the rolling blue waves is seen and appreciated in real life.

The vase measures approximately 11” tall, 11” wide and 5 ¼” in depth.

The vase is sturdy and relatively heavy, weighing appoximately 26 lbs.

Handcrafted in Murano.  No two vases will ever be exactly identical.

The vase is signed by the artist and comes with both a certificate of authenticity as well as the Murano collective trademark sticker.

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