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Leather Bauta - Dark Brown

  • $ 16000

A slightly more sinister take on the traditional bauta mask, this Venetian leather bauta mask is sure to make an impact to your mask collection or to your costume.

The mask is handmade and hand formed from quality Italian leather and finished in a dark brown stain.

The black ties are riveted to the mask so that they will not come off while wearing.
While the leather is well formed and stiffened so that its form is permanent, the leather’s natural qualities allow much more flexibility providing a form fit for any size.

The mask’s dimensions are approximately 7” high, 6 ½” wide and 5” deep.

These leather masks are hand worked and hand formed – while the style and design will be very similar no two masks will ever be exactly the same.

For a more sinister and foreboding look to your costume, add our Venetian top hat and wool cloak to this Venetian leather Bauta mask (as pictured).

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