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Bauta – Black and White Speciale

  • $ 7200

Exclusively made for Visions of Venice; this mask is the historical and traditional representation of Venetian masks. Origins of the Bauta mask can be traced back to the 13th Century. The mask was designed to protect and perfectly disguise the identity of the men and women who wore it; which allowed total freedom of actions. The mask’s form allowed the wearer to eat and drink without having to remove the mask and reveal their identity.

This is the mask that was used in Rob Zombie’s directorial episode of CSI: Miami. It is the bauta mask that was worn by the killer.

The mask is handcrafted in Venice, Italy from paper mache and is hand painted in a unique black and white pattern. A true Venetian design, this mask is perfect to be worn at your next Masquerade Ball, Mardi Gras Event or Venetian Carnivale.

The mask is signed by the artist on the inside portion.

The mask`s dimensions are approximately 6 1/2” wide, 7” high and 5 ½” deep. All masks are handmade and painted in Venice, Italy. No two masks are ever identical.

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