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Murano Glass Vase Pagetta 13"

  • $ 65500

The Murano Glass Pagetta Vase is an incredible example of Murano artistic imagination. The artist utilizes a technique of submerging very thin iron wires and gold iron wires to produce an amazing and exquisite effect, almost mimicking an underwater aquatic flora.

The beauty, depth and layering of elements is difficult to capture through photography and will truly be appreciated in real life.

The vase measures approximately 13” tall by 8.5” wide and 4.5 deep.

The vase is sturdy and relatively heavy, weighing approximately 20 lbs.

Handcrafted in Murano.  No two vases will ever be exactly identical.

The vase is signed by the artist and comes with both a certificate of authenticity as well as the Murano collective trademark stick

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