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Venetian Clown Mask – Pagliaccio Clode

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This Venetian joker-clown mask is an exceptional example of artisan Venetian mask making. The Venetian pagliaccio mask is completely handcrafted in Venice, Italy from paper mache and incorporates many other elements in creating this wonderful mask.

This mischievous, Venetian full faced jester wears a conical hat and surrounding collar bib that are decorated in harlequin patterns of black, Venetian red, gold and aged white. The conical hat is topped off with a gold leaf ball while the collar bib is finished with gold leaf balls and hanging bells.

The pagliaccio’s facial expression is capricious in nature and invokes playful jesting. The face is hand painted in antique white (playing on the sense of very aged clown make-up). The eyes are decorated in the complimenting harlequin pattern, which represents the mask wearing a mask. The lips are also complementing to the overall color scheme and provide a “devilish” smile. Brocades of red, gold and black provide wonderful outlines to the mask’s patterns.

This mask is perfect as a wall ornament in any room or office or as an addition to any collection. It comes with a small hanging loop in the back for easy wall hanging.

Of course this Venetian joker makes for a stunning mask to be worn at any Carnevale/Mardi Gras event or masquerade.

The mask comes complete with a certificate of authenticity sticker and is signed by the artist on the inside.

The mask`s dimensions are approximately 14” wide, 20 ½” high (from chin to top of headdress) and 4 ½” deep.

All masks are hand made and painted in Venice, Italy. No two masks are ever identical.

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