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Venetian Volto Skull Mask - Volto Teschio

  • $ 6900

This full face (Volto) Venetian skull mask is handcrafted in Venice, Italy from paper mache and incorporates wonderful aging techniques to give the mask the look of aged bone. This Venetian Skull mask is naturally perfect for the Halloween Season, but also makes a perfect addition to any gothic or theatrical décor.

The mask is light weight and comfortable to wear. The mask's dimensions are approximately 7 ¼” wide, 10 ½” high and approximately 5 ½” deep.

Goes great with any of our hooded cloaks (as seen in the pictures – cloak and hat not included) as well as our Plague Doctor Hats!

The mask comes complete with artist’s signature and sticker of authenticity. All masks are handmade and painted in Venice, Italy. No two masks are ever identical.

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