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Murano Glass

Since ancient times, glass has been synonymous with beauty, elegance and magic. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the magical brilliance of over 1,000 years of traditional glass blowing in Murano, Italy. The history behind Murano art of glass construction is rich and deep in beauty, charm and elegance. The hand-blown, handcrafted techniques of Murano glass blowing that were used over a thousand years ago still exist in Murano glass today. Our Murano glass design is imported directly from the factories on the island of Murano.

While we import other Italian glass pieces as well, our Murano pieces are 100% made in Murano from start to finish and will be labeled as Murano pieces throughout our Web site. No matter the unique piece of Murano art of glass construction you're looking for, we have something that can suit your needs.

All of our glass pieces are unique, handcrafted and imported directly from Italy; no two pieces are ever identical. These pieces inspire beauty, elegance and charm as well. Whether you want a handcrafted and decorated Italian glass perfume bottle or a wonderfully handcrafted Italian glass vase, our offerings can accent your needs perfectly. We have many styles and color schemes of Italian art of glass design to choose from. Buy an Italian glass vase today and bring the charm of Italy to your home.

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