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About Us

Visions of Venice brings a glimpse of the wonders and beauty of the Venetian world to your home.

We specialize in Venetian masks, Murano Glass and Italian art pieces. All of our Venetian pieces are handcrafted in the ancient traditions of Venetian artisans. Most come with certificates of authenticity and carry a proof of fabrication in Venice. Our Italian collections also are handcrafted and are accompanied by a proof of fabrication in Italy.

We import only the highest quality products from established manufacturers that have practiced their art for centuries. All our handcrafted items are unique in their own way; no two items are 100% alike. While we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality art pieces, we also aim in providing a wide array of unique pieces that can compliment any household décor.

If you have something in mind and cannot locate it on our website or you would like assistance in finding an art piece to compliment your home or office; please contact us and we will be more than happy in assisting you with a special or custom order.