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Colombine Art Deco - Red

  • $4200

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A unique blend of decorative design and traditional Venetian craftsmanship. This hand made Venetian mask combines traditional Venetian mask-making techniques with contemporary design.

Sure to make a striking impression, this mask is perfect for your next Masquerade Ball, Mardi Gras event or Venetian Carnevale. 

The mask is elegantly decorated on one side in shades of Venetian red, gold leaf and silver leaf. The other side is decorated in all gold leaf and the entire mask is outlined with a golden braid. A blend of gold decorative markings provide both classic and modern accents to the mask.

The mask comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.

 The mask`s dimensions are approximately 6” wide, 3½” high and 3 ½” deep.

All masks are handmade and painted in Venice, Italy. No two masks are ever identical. Colors and patterns may vary slightly on each mask.

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