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Jolly Volto Tarot Baroque

  • $14500

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A wonderfully handcrafted Venetian Jolly mask, depicting tarot cards with scenes of an ancient and mystical world.

This Jolly mask makes a wonderful wall ornament or a spectacular wearable mask.

The mask’s face is ornately decorated in baroque designs and decorated in gold leaf and acrylic crystals.

The crown (cap n’ bells) is designed with tarot cards and outlined with gold braid.  A brass bell and faux pearl hand from each tip.

The crown can be formed in any desired shape.

The face of the mask measures approximately 9” long, 7” wide and 3 ½” deep. The entire mask measures approximately 15” long and 20” wide.

The mask comes complete with a certificate of authenticity

All masks are handmade in Venice, Italy. No two masks are ever identical.

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