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Murano Glass ‘Icicles” Chandelier

  • $11,99900

A stunning example of Italian design and style.  The Icicles Murano glass chandelier is sure to be the centerpiece of any room.

Completely handcrafted and hand blown in Murano, Italy.

This chandelier is customizable to any color, size, light configuration, number of glass elements and hardware finish.

All chandeliers and lighting pieces are made to order.  Please allow 6-8+ weeks for completion.  Time frames may vary depending on customization and lighting options.

Prices are reflective of  61 Murano glass pieces (3 different color elements), 1 light source (8 dimmable g9) or 2 light sources (8 dimmable g9 + internal to glass pieces LED dimmable), hardware in polished gold or chrome finish and dimensions approximately 39.4” height x 36 ¼” diameter(100cm height x 92cm diameter).

Please contact us for quotes on customized sizes, colors and finishes.

Chandelier, as pictured in first 5 images, features 42 Murano glass elements in 3 different colors (clear turquoise blue, clear turquoise blue with 24 Kt gold infused and “lattimo” white encased in clear turquoise blue), 2 light sources (12 dimmable g9 and 10 dimmable glass internal LED lights - independent lighting sources), hardware in brushed gold finish, dimensions approximately 42” height x 36 ¼” diameter (107cm height x 92cm diameter).  Last image shows internal LED lighting through glass piece.  Must see in person to really appreciate LED lighting through our glass pieces.

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