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Plague Doctor Mask Futuristico Saldatore – Black Iron

  • $6900

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A futuristic, (or post-apocalyptic), rendering of the traditional Plague Doctor mask.  The mask is handmade in Venice, Italy from paper mache and also incorporates metal spikes and real tinted glass lenses.

The mask is hand painted and designed to look like distressed, soot covered, welded metal.

You can see through the tinted glass lenses – just like heavily tinted sunglasses. The lens caps do unscrew and behind the tinted glass is clear glass should you wish to have clear lenses.

This mask will definitely make a statement at your next masquerade or as part of a costume. Also makes a great addition to any collection and of course as a wonderful gift to any physician.

The mask has traditional black ribbon ties for a comfortable fit.

The mask's dimensions are approximately 7” wide, 7 ½” high and 11” long.

The bottom part of the mask (underneath the nose) is closed off.

All masks are handmade and painted in Venice, Italy. No two masks are ever identical.

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