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Traditional Venetian Plague Doctor Mask

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A wonderful handcrafted representation of the Plague Doctor mask. This mask is handcrafted in Venice, Italy from paper mache and finished in traditional aged white

The plague doctor mask dates back to the 1500s and can actually be found in several countries. It was used by doctors to filter the germ laden air during periods of the black plague. For further protection the mask originally had glass over the eye holes and was wax sealed to a canvass robe. Air could only pass through two slits in the beak which was filled by aromatic herbs pressed inside acting as a filter and a neutralizer for the stench of death in the air.

The mask’s dimensions are approximately 6” wide, 7 ¾” high and 16 ½” long.

The mask has black ribbon ties for a comfortable fit.

Perfect with any of our capes, cloaks and hats!

All masks are handmade and painted in Venice, Italy. No two masks are ever identical. Colors and patterns may vary slightly on each mask.



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